Women's Walk With Christ

Women’s Walk With Christ is a ministry based in Denver, Colorado, whose mission is walking with women in their healing and transformation in Christ. Our vision is to create an environment for women where God, by the power of the Holy Spirit, can restore us to wholeness through the grace of Jesus Christ. It all starts with a weekend – 44 hours. We have seen God change lives in those 44 hours.  He has changed our lives.

This is NOT a contemplative retreat. It is an INTENSE experiential weekend where, in the Light of Christ and with the Holy Spirit as our Guide, we explore our woundedness. How do these wounds serve us? How do these wounds keep us broken? What is the truth? How can we be restored? This is a deep, and revealing weekend designed for women who are ready and willing to go within, to explore their brokenness, and to find healing from Christ. www.womenswalkwithchrist.org