Marked Men For Christ

Marked Men For Christ ministry (MMFC) has one purpose: To build STRONGER men for JESUS CHRIST (from the inside-out). It is an Intense-Masculine-Powerful experience. We invite men to go deep into their heart and seek the healing of their brokenness through the power of the Holy Spirit. We DO what God’s word says in James 5:16. We encourage men to look deep within themselves in 5-potentially wounded/broken areas of their life; Deceit, Fear, Anger, Sadness and Shame – seeking God’s healing. This happens in the first 24-hours. Then, for the next 20-hours, we focus on celebrating and honoring GOD for what HE has done! Discovering God’s entrusted talents, gifts and blessings, every man will know his life’s purpose (mission) before they leave. After your 44-hour experience -- we invite you to go back to your local church! Share with your pastor what you discovered about yourself! Then, join our weekly follow-up sessions (2-hours/week)! The "Christian faith strength training continues..."